Gettysburg Discussion Group

The Gettysburg Discussion Group is a nonprofit organization founded by Bob and Dennis Lawrence in January of 1995. Our primary mission is to preserve the documents connected with Gettysburg on this site. The GDG also provides a forum for discussion of the Battle of Gettysburg for over 700 members throughout the world. Anyone with an interest in the three days in July of 1863 that gave a new birth of freedom to our nation is invited to participate.

There are no fees or restrictions involved in participating in the discussion forum or in using the archives. You may contribute to our effort to digitize documents relating to Gettysburg by becoming a dues paying member. The GDG is governed by a board of directors and assisted by an advisory board. The board of directors consists of Dennis, Bob and Jack Lawrence, Dean Shultz, Eileen Murphy, and Sal Prezioso. 

The group was featured in an article by the Kansas City Star.

Why Gettysburg? Let us tell you.

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Background photographs used with permission of Thomas Eishen and are from Gettysburg