Gettysburg Memorial Association Map - 1886

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As discussed with the short-lived 1885 map, it would not be long before the GBMA revised the layout of the lithograph yet one more time.

At a meeting of the board held August 11, 1885, it was on motion of General Wagner:

" Resolved, That in future editions of the map issued by the Association, the position of the Cavalry engagement be indicated on a reduced scale in the corner of the map." [1]

The small inset map of the East Cavalry Battlefield makes its first appearance on this edition of the map.

That the delineation of troop positions on the map for two very different days of battle caused the board to be dissatisfied with the appearance of the 1885 edition was evidenced at the meeting of the board on

June 7, 1886 where it was:

" Resolved, That Gen. Louis Wagner and John M. Vanderslice, Esq. be appointed a committee to have the plates of the map of the battlefield, which were recently ( ), reproduced with such an arrangement of the lines of battle, position of troops &c as they shall deem necessary, and with a small map of the Cavalry engagement in one corner of the map. " [2]

The 1886 edition of the map that appears in the GDG map room accompanied the 1888-1889 pamphlet and thus it contains colored areas denoting the land acquisitions of the Association up to that time. See:

Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association: 
Its Organization, Plans and Purposes
[with map of the battlefield.] 
Officers of the Association for 1888-1889

In this edition the troop positions have now been rearranged in such a way that they are more clearly labeled, less cluttered and easier to understand. The positions shown have assumed a shape resembling that of the avenues along the lines of battle that would eventually be built throughout the soon-to-be national military park.

Perhaps the most interesting of insights that can be gleaned from a comparison of the GBMA maps across the years is the ever-expanding holdings of the Association. The work of this organization of patriotic citizens over the course of its 30 year existence is phenomenal.


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Terry Moyer June 18, 2000